CHID Art Camp 2016
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Enhancing Quality Education

Millions of children are missing out on their right to an education. They can’t go to school because they have to work to survive or even because there are no schools where they live.

Rural medical service

CHID-supports graduates of medical, nursing and other professional health programmes are now improving health care in rural areas.


Clean Drinking Water

There are millions of people who lack access to safe, fresh drinking water. Every 90 seconds a child dies from sanitation a water-related disease. We are Here to help, we are here for Change

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About US

Who We Are

Centre for Humanity and Integrated Development( CHID)  is  a non-governmental, not for profit making, non-partisan organization whose focus is to sensitize and promote human right activities and also design various community development programs to raise the standard of living of the rural poor and the vulnerable Learn More


Clean Water Project

Water And Sanitation

Water, sanitation and hygiene related disease kills nearly 1 million people each year Support our cause, save an African Child Today.  
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We Help put smile on the face of children by giving them power which is knowledge

CHID is in close link with teacher organizations to help in various ways to improve teacher ability in new teaching trends and methods though capacity development. We provide assistance also in the preparation of teaching learning materials.

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Medical Screening

Words from Volunteers in our program

It was fun working with CHID. The joy of helping the less privilege is beyond measure