Human Rights

Human Rights is now a global concern, because the champions of human right have most often been citizens, not government officials. In particular, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) have played a primary role in focusing the international community on human right issues.

In Ghana NGO’s monitor the actions of government and pressure them to act according to human right principles.
Centre for Humanity and Integrated Development CHID, is concerned with the issues of rights. The Ghanaian constitution chapter five is dedicated to the rights and freedom of all citizens of Ghana. But this chapter must be explained with the various articles and clauses for the ordinary Ghanaian to understand what the constitution demands from them.

CHID is dedicated to empowering our citizenry especially the poor and vulnerable in society though workshops, Symposiums and seminars or outreach programs to help every Ghanaian embrace this important entrenchment in the constitution.

At CHID we are in close contact with all the industry players to make some human right abuses are reduced to the barest minimum, We are working with the Police, Commission on human rights and the NCCE to achieve this.