Our Mission

CHID seeks to establish partnership with development partners both home and abroad to carry out human right and community development and research which helps elucidate community/societal/organizational needs and facilitate development that is sustainable, ethical and all-inclusive, CHID seeks partnership in the various areas of operation to enhance its effective delivery of quality development to the people of Ghana and Africa as a whole, these areas are:

1. Rural Medical Services

2. Clean Water Project

3. Quality Education Enhancement Project

4. Legal Aid

5. Capacity and Research

6. Women and Children Concern Project

7. Volunteerism.


CHID over the years has taken healthcare delivery seriously and has become one of its focal point.

 CHID organizes various health talks in various communities on very important and critical pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, Cholera, Hepatitis B and Breast Cancer. Symposiums, seminars and talks shows are normally held in various communities to sensitize our deprived folks, medicals advices are given by our team and some financial responsibilities of the patients are also taken care of.

 CHID has been working with other organization to research into the alarming rate of maternal deaths in the Volta Region, many stakeholder meeting are hence organized to help curb the menace.

  CHID provided an Ambulance to the Ho-Polyclinic to help in referral cases as indication were that patients are normally transported to hospitals in commercial Vehicles.

 CHID over the years donated various medical equipments and materials to over ten medical facilities in the Volta Region these are ranging from medical gloves, beds, incubator, stringes, plasters etc.

 CHID in collaboration with GALWAY UNIVERSITY in Ireland supported the Ghana Health Service with medical/nursing students who come and study African health delivery system and give a lot of assistance there after.


CHID under this project provided clean water (borehole) to eight communities, who drink water from ponds with cattle, under bridge or self dug wells. After a health care concern of the people Matse Nkuansi a community in the Ho Municipality the organization took a study to reveal the source(health problem) being their drinking water from under a metal bridge.

CHID then got into Action and raised the funds needed  and provided portable drinking water in a form of bore hole for the community. Other communities such as:

 Akwety

 Adaklu Ablornu

 Tovi

 Agbokofe

 Adaklu Ablornu no. 2

 Fulanikope

All benefited from our clean water projects in the Volta Region of Ghana.


A latest report indicates a downward trend in our education and its co-curricular activities. After much study of the report CHID has implemented quality education enhancement program; which is to dig into causes of the fallen standards of education in the country, CHID therefore look the initiative of proving teaching and learning equipment and computers to various Educational facilities all over Ghana. Over Fifty Schools benefited from the donation of school bags, balls, jerseys, pencils, erasers etc.

 CHID identified a deprived community in the Ho Municipal with a good number of children of school going age without a school, funds were raised and a Kindergarten was built after which a four classroom block was raised with support from a religious group in Ireland.

 CHID provided both story books and other important books to various secondary school and enforces the establishment of Reading Clubs in these schools to help improve the standards of Education in the region.

 CHID provides expatriate volunteers to schools to help impart other methodologies and strategies on to the teachers.

 CHID supported some orphans and needy but brilliant children to go though secondary education in various High School in Ghana.

 CHID has put together some reading clubs dubbed CHID READING CLUB in some schools and working on many more.


CHID is working seriously with the commission on human right and administrative justice to bring justice delivery to the poor and needy. The justice system has become very stressful and corrupt that the rich easily get away with all sort of criminal acts against the poor and vulnerable.

CHID has therefore established a solid legal team that fights for the poor in various cases involving property, life and safety. Various human right abuses were mediated into and amicable solution reached by our legal team. But lack of funding to fight some cases causes much delay in dealing with some very important issues we have on our hands now.


CHID has put together a quality team of officials that undertake various capacity building and research works to promote development and human right, various agencies and organization do fall on CHID for an up to date and time bond research to help deliver various assistance to our economy. We build capacity in

 Human Resources


 Media/Journalism

 Health/Education

 Fighting Corruption

 Financial/Prudent Management.

 Governance


CHID has put together various self help programs for women to help alleviate poverty, this includes; Gari processing, soap making, Okro farming and a small self instituted SUSU money lending project to help the course of women in Liati in the Hohoe Municipal. We support political ambitions of women getting into the District Assembly system or into the parliament of Ghana.

CHID makes allocation for seminars, conferences and health screening for women and children in various district in Ghana. A centre for deprived/abandoned women, teenage mothers and school dropouts was established in Ho known as “Community Girls Training Center” to aid women by giving them vocational education in catering, sewing, weaving and gardening train more than 300 women and has given many their daily stipend.

CHID is therefore seeking for funding to continue the program when it came down to its knees in 2008. CHID also supports other women organization technically in various fields.


The doors of CHID is open to all volunteers with rich knowledge in any sector of our development to partner with us to tap into that great wisdom. So any expatriate volunteer vested in health delivery, education, community development and social work, capacity building etc are warmly welcome on board for us to fight this course of bringing development and human rights to our people and the whole of Africa. Please feel our volunteers form now.