CHID did some major works under the QEEP program to improve education delivery and the teaching and learning process all together in the Education sector.


CHID ART CAMP 2016: The art camp was designed to bring arts work to the door steps of our school children. The 120 participants were taken through various art works such as picture making, beads making and design, door mat-preparation, crocheting, Salsa dance and traditional dance performances. All the various art works put together to give the participants a fair understanding of the importance of art in our contemporary world. The camp was on the theme “ARTS, KEY TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”. The camp was successful and all instructors gave off their best. Both teachers and pupils of the Grace Salvation Army School in GODOKPOE (CURED LEPERS COMMUNITY) were so impressed. About 78% of participants developed much skill in the arts works they were taken through.


The Rural Medical services consists of six nurses and a medical doctor, that are so dedicated to providing health care and health screening free of charge to rural communities all over the country. The team visits rural and vulnerable communities with equipment and medications to help alleviate the inhabitants of these communities from the hands of slow killer diseases such as Diabetes, Hepatitis B and Hypertension.


The team was able to educate some youth groups in the Ho Municipality on the relevance of personal Hygiene in our daily lives. The team made an impact on as many as 23 youths at Evangel Community Church where the leadership of the youth group indicated a great change in attitude after our visit one of their meetings.
The team also made arrangements to screen and clean inmates in the Ho Major Prisons /Correction center in the capital of the Volta Region but a change in the order of command prevented the full implementation of the program.


Education on the chapter five (on the human rights and responsibilities citizens) of the Ghanaian constitution was enforced in some schools in rural communities with various clubs. A relationship is being established with the Commission of Human Right and Administrative Justice.


The capacity building team has put together a HIGH SCHOOL POTENTIAL DISCOVERY TOUR which seeks to visits senior high schools with a checklist and Seminar to reveal the potentials in the senior high school student helping them to be able to choose right courses of study and to be the best they can be. There will be Seminar presentations from specialist from various fields, ranging from Education to the humanities. The team is poised for action to visit as many high schools in the Eastern and Volta Regions.


Provision of potable drinking water is one of our flagship programs at CHID. In the year under review the WASH team made two significant steps in visiting two very deprived partner communities namely BLIDOKOFE and KPALE, Interviews and photos/ videos of the need of water for these communities are highlighted and a proposal developed to get mechanized borehole water for these communities. However funding became a huddle for the teams’ provision these water needs of the people, our fund raising activities couldn’t yield enough to take care of these water needs. The team seeks other opportunities to raise the needed funds for these water needs.


CHID seeks partnership with various Volunteer organizations/ universities to engage in volunteerism programs to bring expatriate expertise to help our communities, clinics and schools. Volunteers will stay in the various partner communities and a guide from the organization. Volunteers’ safety is our priority and we know how to do it best.