PROJECTS(where we are working)


We have the following projects with Matse-Nkuansi a partner community in the Ho municipal. These projects in this community are geared towards giving the community an all-round sustainable development.


Volunteers in education ready to make impact in the lives of individual kids are encourage to step in the gap and volunteer their time and resources at the Nkuansi S.A Basic School to give the pupils in the school the exposure needed to be successful in the various fields of endeavor later in live. Teachers in the aforementioned school are under staffed and resourced.

CHID is working with other partners to start a library for the community school to help pupils to develop good reading skills. Literacy was identified as the main backbone for the massive failure of pupils the BASIC EDUCATION CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION.

Motorbikes/bicycles for teachers at the school an urgent need of the organization, as teachers walk miles to get to school as there are not enough mud houses to inhabit these teachers in the community. Teachers arrived in school exhausted and worn –out. CHID is therefore seeking partnerships to be able to provide motorbikes/bicycle to these teachers to aid their movement thro and fro the school. A toilet for the community and school can also not be under emphasized.

Our Education needs at Nkuansi
1. Volunteers(Health, Education, Social worker)
2. Teaching and learning materials(textbooks, Readers, pencils, pen, manila cards etc)
3. Library
4. Motorbikes/bicycles
5. Toilet facility


The nearest clinic to Nkuansi is at Ziavi –Lume miles away, Vehicles on the rough road linking Nkuansi to Ziavi –Lume only ply the road on market days. Pregnant and sick are seen walking is very long distance to seek medical attention. We are empowering our FREE RURAL MEDICAL SERVICES team to do more visit to the community at least three times a year. We are working with stakeholders to get Ministry of Health to provide a small CHIP Zone in the community with a trained nurse and Midwife. There are various degree of special needs in the community that needs to be diagnosed/screened and appropriate recommendations and support services to made available to them.

1. Equipping our FREE RURAL MEDICAL TEAM (a team of medical/ health specialist) to give a constant door to door health care.
2. CHIP ZONE-Health Centre
3. Health Volunteers (nurses, psychologist, Special needs specialist etc.)

CHID is working hard to raise a new revolving fund to assist the women association of the village to continue their small trade to aid the various families.


Kpalega is a partner community located in the Ho-West District of the Volta Region; Kpalega is one of the communities of the Kpale Traditional area. Kpale is a very religious community with massive believe in the White Cross Church and naming their paramount village after their faith called Kpale-Xorse.

Kpalega became our partner community in the year 2016 and CHID is determined to give her an all- round sustainable development like we give to all our partner communities. The community holds a total population of over 834 men and women. Located along the Togo- range the community is a place to behold, space to view and acknowledge nature and her beauty.

Our outlined plans:


Kpalega is a beautiful community with some few problems that CHID has adopted to work with the opinion leaders to bring a good level of development to the people. The community depends on two well which was constructed by the GERMAN during the colonial days. These wells were constructed in the 1980s and hence has developed very deep cracks and has sank into the ground making it a total death trap to especially the children in the community. A view of little kids fetching water from the well looks very scary and dangerous. The fact that rain water runs into these wells with all the dirt in them makes it very unhealthy for human consumption. This is the only source of water for cooking, bathing and drinking in the community.

Help us get clean water for the community to save lives from all water bonne diseases especially among children in the community. Water is life and hence a very important element in the sustainment of lives in this community. #cleanwaterforkpalega


There is no Education facility in the community children of school going age walks to the other communities to have their education fulfillments. A good number of children are there in the community of school going age are left at home whilst their parents leave to the farms to find food for the family. CHID is working hard to find a partnership to build a day Centre for these kids to serve as a Day care and a foundation for formal education in the community. This Centre will serve as a care Centre and a School in the Kpalega community in the Volta Region in Ghana.


Kpalega is a very nice environment due to the mountainous nature and a very nice tourist destination. We are determined to make Kpalega a tourist hub, where tourist can stay and admire the beauty and serene nature of the community. CHID is in discussions with investors and the business community to see the need in building a guest house where the tourist will stay and pay for the accommodation, and hence opening the community up for other sources of partnership.

Our needs at Kpalega
1. Borehole
2. A day-care facility
3. A guest house facility 4. Volunteers/investors


Our other partner communities are Blidokofe/Adokpakofe, located in the Adaklu District they are a community of related families scattered in the Adaklu and Kpetoe environs. These communities came on board in the year 2017, and strategic plan is being drawn between these communities and CHID to give them total development. Adokpakofe is without a school and CHID has initiated a day care service for about 40 out of school children in the community under a local hut constructed by the inhabitants of the community. Funds are being sourced to help put up a structure for the full implementation of this day care services allows parents to leave their children at the Centre and go to their farms to work.

CHID is grateful to Madam Connie Mcteer from Canada for her donation of books, table, chalk, chair and chalkboard for the start of the school. CHID is grateful to all teachers and the Acting Head teacher Mr. John Meme

The community has given a land free of charge to CHID to construct a permanent structure for the facility. Blidokofe’s water needs are very serious; the community’s main source of water is from a dam dug for them some years back. The water in the dam has become very muddy and dirty and not good enough for human usage. A standup pump dug by an NGO for the community still stands in the community and was not giving the people the needed water aid because it was not properly cited. Joins us get a fresh clean Borehole water for Blidokofe.

Blidokofe can boost of a very nice Primary school building kind courtesy the central government, However the Nursery and Kindergarten are studying under trees. We are working hard to fill the classroom built with mud by the villagers with plastic chairs and tables for the use of the pupils of the KG whilst we continue to work hard to find a permanent structure for the school.

Health facilities are also missing in these communities, Our FREE RURAL MEDICALTEAM will need more empowerment to deliver more health care to these communities.

1. Volunteers for the community /school
2. Health volunteers
3. Teaching learning materials
4. Borehole
5. A classroom block