Recent Projects

Recent projects: CHID just commission a clean water project for the people of Fulanikofe.


This is a village of migrants from Mali and Niger countries in West and Central Africa respectively. This people are mainly cattle caretakers for the rich and worthy in society all over.
There are about three different communities forming the Fulanikope with a population of about a little over 300 people with about 100 kids who are mainly into the animal caretaking business and just a handful walking miles to have basic education at a nearby town known as Area 48. Upon our visit to the community, we realize the women move so many miles to get water and the source of the water is a dam that was dug by the ministry of agriculture
for irrigation purposes. But unfortunately this has become the source of drinking water for both the animals they are taking care of and the human beings in the community. Today by the kind courtesy of CHID and its partners a good and clean water is flowing from a stand up borehole at Fulanikope to the happiness of all the inhabitants of the village. We say a big thank you to the team and our partners…Looking forward to working on another project with all of you soon.


CHID is working hard to start the first phase of its skill training programe by August 2015, we are therefore calling on our partner to and volunteers to get into action for the success of the program…… details soon.

CHID is working hard to work with the government of Ghana on building the capacity of the PR department of the various MMDA’S….CHID is sorting for funding to get into the program with the Local government ministry of the
republic of Ghana.


CHID is on the run with the establishment of CHID READING CLUB in 50 basics schools and 10 senior high schools……For the team to visit your school please send us a mail at or like us on facebook…This is part of our quality education program….If you are  a teacher  you can get in involve now.