CHID invites you to volunteer on our various projects all over Ghana, Volunteering on our program will help you to learn about poverty, community development, crossing culture boundaries and language- critical issues that will help make you welcomed, adaptable and effective volunteer. Then, equipped as best as you can be about the unique issues and culture that you will encounter in the rural communities in Ghana. Volunteers are often involved with their hands on activities like our clean water project, school construction, toilet construction, urinal and others, working alongside the rural folks making their way out of poverty.

Many of our volunteers gain deeper understanding of the needs of the poor and how to partner with them to make a lasting difference.

CHID works in effective collaboration with the chiefs and the rural folks making them to feel as part of the developmental agenda of their own communities and this foster ownership and a culture of care and concern for the various projects.


CHID is open to families, groups, organizations, schools and individuals who are interested in working on our projects all over Ghana.

We also accept professionals who wish to share their knowledge and experience with the people of Ghana and beyond in the fields of health, agriculture, education, skill training, vocational and technical training.

These may include nurses, doctors, teachers, psychologists, agriculturist and many more fields that are not indicated above.

CHID also appreciates working with various collages and university that want to give their students the feel of the African terrain in terms of health (African health practice) and other fields. We offer places for these student to learn in a very conducive atmosphere whilst they undertake some social volunteerism on our projects at their leisure times.


 You must first show interest in our programs by sending a mail to: or

 CHID will reply by sending an electronic volunteer form to you, which must be filled out and submitted via the internet.
 CHID helps in sending all the details you need to acquire your visa(s).

 A fee for accommodation and feeding is paid upon arrival in Ghana.
 Transport to and fro is taken care of by CHID.
 We appreciates volunteering as a group as it helps us to ignite the sense of urgency in the rural folks to see a good number of volunteers coming from around the world leaving the comfort of their homes  and countries,
coming to help out for their good and development. It then enhances some sort of edge to help themselves, a group of (10- 30) is very much appreciated.