Rural Medical Services

Our RMS is dedicated to Miss Beatrice Botsyoe who died of breast cancer some years back after she was suspecting a spiritual attack and never visited the hospital…………….
Our team tried to educate and help her out until she gave up the ghost. The RMS team is therefore an outreach team that goes out to educate and screen especially woman of various diseases and sickness. The team consists of a doctor and three certified nurse’s rural working for humankind.

Various ant reach programs focuses on
 HIV / AIDS and other STD’s
 Hepatitis B
 Cancer (Breast)
 Hypertension
 Diabetics

The main aim of this program is to create awareness and educate as many people a possible on some slow killers and how to handle them. CHID though RMS has registered many very deprived communities onto the Ghana Health Insurance policy which is suffering various challengers nowadays.

CHID is also in pole position to some for assistance from our foreign partner to help provide some medical aid to reprinted clinics and health centre in Ghana. These medical aids may include hospital beds, plasters gauzes, thermometers, BP apparatus, incubators and other medical stuffs.

RSM………………………………….. We care for your health.